2012 - Mrs. Mofi finished school and started working in a start-up architecture firm.

2013 - We met and started to see each other.

2014 - Mr. Mofi finished school and was offered his ideal gig in the USA.




Mr. Mofi moved to the USA, starts working full-time .

We get engaged! 5 international long-haul return flights to continue our long-distance relationship.

Mr. Mofi entered the company Employee Share Purchase Plan (ESPP). First one vested in Q3.

Mr. Mofi awarded a promotion (salary raise) and a total of 3 separate equity grants to vest over the following 4 years.

Mr. Mofi dabbled with a Wealthfront account for 6 months then closed it to investigate other approaches.

Opened E*Trade account and funded with $5,000. Subscribed to The Motley Fool Stick Advisor service.



First company equity grant partially vested to Mr. Mofi. Company moves to quarterly vesting moving forward.

Wedding in late Q1. Mrs. Mofi moved to USA in Q2, worked freelance remotely for remainder of 2016.

Bought $5,000 of tech equities in Q1.

Second ESPP vested in Q1. Third ESPP vested in Q3.

2 additional raises and equity grants to Mr. Mofi.

Started a $500 experiment with Motif micro fund in Q2.

Added $15,000 to E*Trade account and bought $10,000 in additional tech stock.

Found FI/RE community. Spotted our 'dream property', started getting serious about FI.

Subscribed to The Motley Fool Options service. Developed custom screener. First sold put late in Q4.