Both of us have full-time jobs that we plan to keep for the foreseeable future.

Our jobs are the key to starting this snowball despite our desire for more flexibility in the future.

Opportunities exist in this space for increasing our current income through our day jobs. Expect to hear fun tales of negotiations and interviews!

Future plans include starting businesses (or two) of our own as a tool for:

  • Further learning
  • Contributing something meaningful to society
  • Wealth accumulation; and
  • Personal satisfaction.

In addition, we plan to develop some income producing assets once we reach technical FI to help support us during lean startup years.

We're always on the lookout for side-hustles where it makes sense for us. Learning from our current pursuits will be reported on here!



Targeting a savings rate of +60% from salary income. Looking to increase over time as our income grows.

We live in a High Cost Of Living (HCOL) area of the USA.

Since Australia has similarly HCOL and lower salaries (in our sectors) we are in a sense already geo-arbitraging.  

Setting up our savings to be on automatic is the plan. Expecting this to be done before 10/24/17.

Since we are early on in our FI journey, our savings rate is by far the most important factor moving the needle towards FI right now. In the next couple of years there will come an inflection point where our investment returns will outpace our ability to save. The goal is to accelerate the path to FI by keeping both our savings rate and investment returns growing. As such, the inflection point is not something we will track towards, more just note in passing.

Travel hacking/rewards points fall in to this category as well. This is also a new pursuit. Mr Mofi has been doing a LOT of travel for work and has been able to rack up plenty of flight miles and hotel points. Since we do really enjoy travel we plan to take advantage of this opportunity and write about the adventures!


In the broadest definition we like to invest out time/energy in the following:

  • Staying fit
  • Pursuing further education (personal finance, blogging, other side hustles, improving our professional skills)
  • Spending quality time together
  • Cooking delicious healthy food!

Capital: Our approach is quite aggressive compared to most in the community. This is because right now, for us, our savings rate is the most important factor in starting down the path to FI. This buys us a little cover to experiment with different investing strategies while mistakes are not costly.

We have learned from experience that a volatile portfolio (+/- 25%)  is okay with us since we are taking the long-term view. As such, we will be:

  • Utilizing leverage in a diversified portfolio of stocks/commodities/bonds (almost all new savings will be directed here)
  • Maintaining the growth of our position in the company that employs Mr Mofi (current allocation ~60%).
  • Developing a 'mad-money' allocation for ~5% of our portfolio to experiment with things like option strategies 

With this approach, over a 10 year period we are looking to generate ~15% returns (yes, very ambitious, some would say fool-hardy). 

Real Estate is on the horizon but not quite yet. Lots to learn there!

As we progress towards FI we'll be looking to adjust our portfolio to reduce expected volatility on the portion that supports our FI. Any excess beyond what supports our direct living costs (food, shelter, health, transport) will be invested in such a way that we can pursue a high rate of return (based on the experiments above) and our lifestyle is not affected by the increased volatility of the returns.

We're all for low-cost indexing and will likely end up with an increasing allocation to that approach but for now we are taking the opportunity to experiment.